The Story of Contest - 3D English Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids
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The Story of Contest – 3D English Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids

The forest was always a peaceful place to be in, but now and then conflicts and disagreements broke out amongst the animals and it was the job of the King to resolve the issue. It so happened the Tiger and the Ostrich had been having issues. There were lots of tension between them that every animal in the forest could feel it. The issue was about who could sit in cold water for the longest time. King Lion. was pissed off and angry and so decided to end all the issue once and for all. He called a contest between them. A midnight lake sitting competition. Now the water of the lake was very cold but at midnight, it was freezing that even the fishes had to sleep on land. “The one who sits in the lake the longest will eventually be crowned the winner of the contest.” King Lion decreed. “Do you both agree to the conditions?” They both responded that they understood. The contest day had arrived, King Lion separated them into two different parts into the lake, the Ostrich on the left and the Tiger on the left. Before the contest, Tiger asked his wife Tigress to come 100 meters towards the river and set up a bonfire. Tiger was afraid of the dark and so he needed the light of the bonfire to feel calm. “The contest has begun, King Lion announced, “May the best animal win.” Tigress lit up the bonfire and Tiger became calm. Ostrich, on the other hand, was hearing howls from the wolves and the cacklings of the hyenas. He was terrified and scared and for that, the cold seeped into his body and chilled his bones.

The Story of Contest - 3D English Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids

Tiger was calm because of the fire, the predators ran away due to the presence of the fire, but yet the waters chilled his bones, he was about to give up when he saw the Ostrich get out of the water. Ostrich could not take it anymore and decided to give up. “I give up King Lion.” His voice chattering due to the cold. “Very good, I declare Tiger the winner of this competition.” King Lion announced. Ostrich was not satisfied and he saw an opening with the bonfire. “My King, Tiger cheated, the bonfire Tigress made heated the water for him,” Ostrich said. “My King that’s a lie, the bonfire was there to chase off predators and light up the darkness, it was not to warm up the water,” Tiger said defending, himself. “I’m not, my King.” “Quiet!” The lion roared, “Ostrich it is obvious that you are a sore loser, I myself saw everything that went on and the fire did not warm up the water. I have every right to banish you, but I am fair and just and I will give you a second chance to redeem yourself.” “Yes, my King. Thank you very, very much, you are most kind.” “Very well, Ostrich, for your redemption I want you to boil the water in the river with the bonfire that the Tigress made. Is that understood?” “But my Lord, it is hmmm…’ Ostrich complained and pleaded. “No buts, do you understand? Yes or No!” Lion roared. “Yes, my King,” Ostrich said, finally, Lion, Tiger, Tigress and the rest of the animals that came to the contest left leaving Ostrich behind to boil the river with the bonfire. Did he succeed ? I’m sure you know the answer to that

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