3D Animated The Friendly Fox Story - English Bedtime Stories
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3D Animated The Friendly Fox Story – English Bedtime Stories

The forest was a lovely place to be in, there was love, harmony, peace, and unity, and everyone lived together. The Fox was very friendly in fact he was the friendliest of all animals. He played with all the animals and was known to be quite helpful to have around in the forest. Fox knew all the animals by names and helped with all the chores. One day while going to the pond to draw water, he met duck in the pond crying. “What’s wrong, Duck? Why are you all alone crying?” Fox asked. Sniff sniff. “No one wants to play with me, they say I’m too unfriendly. They don’t like me at all.” Duck said sniffing his nose, the water around him had turned salty. “Calm down, buddy, I believe it’s your action towards them.” Fox said calming Duck, “let me teach you something my mom taught me, would you like to learn how to be friendly?” “Yes right now.” Duck said rudely.

3D Animated The Friendly Fox Story - English Bedtime Stories

“That right there is your number 1 problem buddy, you lack manners. If you want people to like you, you have to be friendly to them.” Fox answered in a pleasant manner. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Duck apologised “Very good, you look ready to learn, so I’ll teach you.” “Ok.” Duck answered. “When you hurt someone you have to apologise by saying sorry. You hurt the monkey the other time calling him naughty, that wasn’t nice. When next you see him, what would you do?” Fox asked Duck. “I say sorry.” Duck replied happily. “Good you learn fast when you want to collect something from someone you say, “please and excuse me” and when someone gives you something you say “Thank you”. Fox said. “Oh, that’s why Tortoise and Snail are angry with me, I collect things without saying please and excuse me, and after collecting it I didn’t say thank you.” “I’m glad you thought of that.” Fox complimented Duck, “make sure you say it the next time and then apologise to them also.” “I’ll do that, Fox.” “And in place of excuse me, you can also say pardon me.” “Ok, I see Tortoise approaching, do you think I’m ready to be friendly,” Duck asked Fox. Fox laughed heartily, “being friendly is not a choice, it comes from within, deep within your soul.” Duck moved towards Tortoise. “Please, excuse me Tortoise, I just want to say thank you and I’m sorry for being unruly and rude towards you in time past.” Duck said in apology. The tortoise was surprised at the sudden change in Duck’s attitude. He had changed from being rude to be polite. “I accept your apology. Let’s start again from the beginning buddy. Let’s be friends.”

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