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Kids Youtube Channel Ideas

Kid Activities :

If you have ever seen The Dad Lab on Instagram or Youtube you will see how this could be the perfect kid channel. There are endless kid activities that can be done that are fun and educational for kids.

Gaming :

This may be the first idea your kid will want to do but may be the last one you want them to do. With new games coming out all the time your child could build a channel around one popular game or choose several. The crazy part is this is literally becoming a sport with fans just like football. Weird huh.

Toy Reviews :

Some of the biggest and richest kid Youtubers started out reviewing toys. Kids love watching these videos and I am sure your child would love getting an endless supply of new toys to review and test out.

Educational :

Is your child in the top of their class? Making educational videos to help others learn can make a great helpful channel. Khan Academy is one ways this could be done.

Animation Stories :

I just recently saw these channels and was shocked to see how popular they are. If your child loves to tell stories and animate at the same time then this is a really fun channel idea.

Nursery Rhyme :

I am always blown away to see how many views some of these nursery rhyme channels get. I is probably because more and more parents are using Youtube to keep their kids entertained.

Preschool :

If your child loves kids and wants to teach them their abc’s and how to count then preschool type videos can make a great kid channel.

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