शरारती बन्दर - The Naughty Monkey Hindi Animated Moral Story for Kids
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शरारती बन्दर – The Naughty Monkey Hindi Animated Moral Story for Kids

The Forest is filled with beautiful lives and lessons everywhere. Everybody in this Forest can teach you something or the other about life. So, let us see one such story today. The little Monkey enjoys his piece of Banana on top of a tree as he finds a bunny who comes dancing along. The Monkey decides to play a prank and he throws the Banana skin on to the ground, near the Rabbit. The Rabbit slips on the Banana Peel and falls down crying. The little Monkey laughs as he sees this and makes a face towards the Rabbit. The Rabbit gives an angry look and walks away without saying anything. The Father Monkey who was watching all this, tells the little Monkey; Father Monkey – “This is not good my dear Son. You should never irritate others”. But the little one gives no ear to his Father’s advice. After a while, a deer passes by the Little Monkey’s tree holding a bunch of fruits. Excited, the Monkey runs down the tree, grabs the fruits from the deer and quickly runs back to the tree. Deer – “Hey.. Give me my food back. My children are hungry”. Little Monkey – “This is mine. Go get another if you want”. Father Monkey – “Son… Give it back”. Little Monkey – “No… I won’t..” The little Monkey swings away to another tree and starts eating the fruits. The Father gives a very sorry look towards the Deer. Father Monkey – “Forgive me Deer. He has a lot of bad habits. I have to find a way to stop it all”. Deer – “You should. Otherwise he will grow up as a very bad Monkey and that’s not good for the Forest. Why don’t you go see the Elephant? He is very clever.

शरारती बन्दर - The Naughty Monkey Hindi Animated Moral Story for Kids

He may be able to help you” This makes the Father Monkey think. Father Monkey – “I think you are right. I should go and meet the Elephant”. Thus, the Father goes and meets the Elephant and explains his problem. The Elephant patiently listens to the Father and says; Elephant – “Alright. You don’t worry anymore. I will take care of this”. The next day, the Elephant takes the little Monkey for a walk along the most beautiful garden in the Forest. He stops near a small plant and asks the Monkey; Elephant – “Can you please pull out that plant for me?” The little Monkey immediately pulls out the plant and gives it to the Elephant. Elephant – “Thank you. Now that one.” Says the Elephant pointing at a slightly bigger plant. The Monkey pulls it out easily too. Then, the Elephant points at a bush and asks the Monkey to pull that too. With slight difficulty, the Monkey pulls out the bush and gives it to the Elephant. Little Monkey – “What do you want with all this” Elephant – “I will tell you. Just help me one last time. You see that guava tree there? Now pull that out for me please”. The Monkey looks at the tree and gives a shocked look. He scratches his head and asks the Elephant; Little Monkey – “Are you serious?” Elephant – “Of course I am” Little Monkey – “But that’s a big tree. How am I supposed to just pull that out. It is impossible” The Elephant smiles; Elephant – “The same applies to bad habits as well. When you are young, it is easy to get rid of them. But, once you grow up, they can never be destroyed. If you don’t stop hurting others now, you will forever continue that, and finally, the whole Forest will be against you.” The Monkey is totally taken aback by the Elephant’s answer. He lowers his head in shame. Little Monkey – “I understand what you are talking about. I am very sorry. I never saw the danger of my habits. I see them now. From this moment, I am throwing away all my bad habits so that when I grow up, I can be a good and lovable animal of the Forest.” The Elephant smiles and pats the head of the little Monkey with his trunk.

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