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The Goose and the Swan Story | Bedtime English Stories for Kids

Once in a forest with evergreen trees, plants, and beautiful flowers; lovely birds with lovely voices; animals who were fond of each other; and sufficient food for all the animals to eat. There lived a Goose and a Swan. They both lived in water.

The two animals were always fighting one another. Goose had many Goslings and Swan also had many Cygnets. The two of them complained that the river does not have enough room for the two of them. So each of them suggested that the other leaves that river to another river.

None of them agreed to leave, so they fought the more every day. Swan would say, “You are not fit to live in this river. You should go to another river. This one is befitting for noble and neat birds like myself, not for ignorable and dirty birds like you.”

Goose would respond by saying, “I have lived in this river for many years. There is nothing you can say or do to make me leave this river. This is where I belong, but this is not where you belong. You should find another river to stay.”

Their hatred for one another grew so much. They didn’t want to stay in the same river, but none was ready to leave the river for the other. One day, Goose and Swan met to make an agreement.

Goose said, let us choose different times to be in the river. Let one of us be in the river during the day, while the other should be in the river at night. Swan agreed. He said, “I will stay in the river with my young ones during the day. You should stay in the river during the night.”

They agreed and continued this for a while. Later, it became uncomfortable for the two of them. They both needed to be in the river as often as possible. The two birds needed to be in the river both night and day. So they couldn’t continue with the initial agreement.

One day, Swan suggested, “let us divide this river into two parts, and let us set boundaries for both of us. I will take one part of the river while you take the other part of the river. Then each of us must ensure that we don’t cross one another’s boundary.”

Goose responded, “It is a good idea!” The two of them agreed. They divided the river, set boundaries for themselves and warned each other that none of them should cross the boundary of the other bird.

They continued this for a while but it became uncomfortable for them too. A part of the river had more food than the other part. Also, a part of the river was colder than the other part of the river. They couldn’t go on with their agreement.

Vulture had been watching them for a while. He decided to intervene. He called the two of them together and said, “Goose and Swan, why do you always fight yourselves? Do you know that other birds envy how beautiful the river looks when two of you are in it together?”

He also made the two of them know that they were both important and that none of them should see himself as more important.

The two birds were grateful to Vulture. He helped them see things from another perspective. From that time, they stayed together in the river happily. They shared their food together too.

Moral Lesson: If you have a conflict with a person, ask a wiser person to intervene.

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