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Top 10 Animation YouTube Channels on Comics, Animation and Cartoon Videos

1. Explosm Entertainment : 

Explosm Entertainment makes Cyanide & Happiness animations and comics, as well as the Joking Hazard Card game .
The C&H Shorts need your help! Become an Ultra Mega Pal and save the day!
Subscribers : 9.7 M
views Counts : 2,506,201,551
Video Count : 510

2. Walt Disney Animation Studios :

Welcome to the official Walt Disney Animation Studios page! There’s much from the archive that we want to share, while also giving you glimpses into our current studio–a dynamic place full of fresh voices and talent.
Subscribers : 3.8 M
views Counts : 2,105,295,733
Video Count : 335

3. Super crazy Kids :

Super Crazy Kids Is The Channel For Kids To Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers With High Quality 3D Animation Videos, Come And Join For Different Coloring Videos For Kids… This Is The Right Place For Kids To Learn. A Joyful Learn With Funny Cartoons And Your Favorite Animals, Toddlers, And Animation Videos And Other To Have A Fun…
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Subscribers : 5 M
views Counts : 1,974,235,557
Video Count : 718

4. Super Kids Games :

Hello Viewers….Super Games Channel Welcoming To Learn Colors With Colors Vehicles For Kids, Learning Colors With 3D Color Balls And Different Animated Videos. Watch And Learn Amazing Coloring Videos For Children With Animals, Vehicles And Learn Alphabets And Shapes With Animated  Color Vehicles.
Here Is The Place Which Kids Likes Learning With Interesting To Watch And Learn Colors With Animated Game Videos. Please Do Watch And Enjoy The Latest Popular Kids Videos By Following The Below Link… Thanks For Reading…..Don’t Forget To Subscribe…Please Support Us For More Updates For Kids….
Subscribers : 4 M
views Counts : 1,454,183,357
Video Count : 663

5. Domics :

Hello and welcome to my channel! Here you’ll find a plethora of anecdotal animations pertaining to the many bothers of life that I have both fortunately and unfortunately experienced. Enjoy your stay!
For business inquiries email at [email protected]
My Birthday page:
Subscribers : 6.8 M
views Counts : 2,105,295,733
Video Count : 335

6. JOJO KIDS – Nursery Rhymes for Kids :

Helloo Welcome To Our Channel !!! Jo Jo Kids Is The New Channel For Kids To Learning Colors, Shapes, And Animals Names, Numbers And All. Learn All Colors And Shapes Videos For Kids And Toddlers Educational Videos.
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Subscribers : 3 M
views Counts : 1,002,224,325
Video Count : 439

7. TheOdd1sOut :

What I use: I draw my pictures on Paint Tools Sai and I edit it all in Adobe Premiere. (Really? You don’t use any animation software??) (Yeah, I know it’s ””not real animation””’) 
If these items are out of your price range then this is what I use(d) (The cheaper stuff)
Subscribers : 12 M
views Counts : 588,038,370
Video Count : 106

8. Kids Animal Family :

Kids Animal Family Is The Channel For Children To Learn Colors, Shapes, Different Moral Stories With Amazing Animal Families. Learn Wild Animals, Farm Animals, Animals Videos For Kids, kids And Animals, Animals Names And Sounds For Kids and Learn Wild Animals, Farm Animals Names, Animals Names, animals for children, sea animals, cute animals, zoo animals, Funny Animals And Others. 
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Subscribers : 2 M
views Counts : 500,310,876
Video Count : 259

9. Carbot Animations : 

We do some cartoons about games we like. Its fun. Imagination to Inspiration to Realization. We do some cartoons about games we like.  Its fun.
Subscribers : 1 M
Youtube Followers :  882,583
views Counts : 303,470,183
Video Count : 334

10. African Vulture :

Hey guys! It’s me African Vulture wanting to inform you of the update of my channel since it was demonetized for duplication or reused content that was vaguely explained, ever since June 13, 2018.  I have tried to solve my problems by deleting videos, but unfortunately my channel is still demonetized for the same Reason.  Its because of privacy policy, youtube won’t tell me exactly what I did wrong in my videos.  I have no idea what I did wrong in my videos that violate their community guidelines of “reused content.”  But fortunately, even though I am demonetized for a vague reason such as “reused content,” I have decided not to give up and I am continuing on staying on in the GoAnimate Community.  If you want to help support my channel, please subscribe to my channel, like my videos, and leave a comment in my community section or in my videos.
Subscribers : 99 k
Youtube Followers :  55,426
views Counts : 27,221,619
Video Count : 808

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